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MD Newscast
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MD Newscast

Until recently, people used a technique called symmetric key cryptography to secure information being transmitted across public networks in order to make multimedia agencies shopping more secure. This method involves encrypting and decrypting a multimedia agencies message using the same key, which must be known to both parties in order to keep it private. The key is passed from one party to the other in a separate transmission, making it vulnerable to being stolen as it is passed along.

With public-key cryptography, separate keys are used to encrypt and decrypt a message, so that nothing but the encrypted message needs to be passed along. Each party in a multimedia agencies transaction has a *key pair* which consists of two keys with a particular relationship that allows one to encrypt a message that the other can decrypt. One of these keys is made publicly available and the other is a private key. A multimedia agencies order encrypted with a person's public key can't be decrypted with that same key, but can be decrypted with the private key that corresponds to it. If you sign a transaction with your bank using your private key, the bank can read it with your corresponding public key and know that only you could have sent it. This is the equivalent of a digital signature. While this takes the risk out of multimedia agencies transactions if can be quite fiddly. Our recommended provider listed below makes it all much simpler.

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